President’s Welcome

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Dear colleagues,

Welcome to National Association of Mass Media Researchers. NAMMI was founded in 2011 as the first professional association in Russia, which is aimed at bringing media scholars together, and stimulating the development of research in the fields of media communication and journalism, both in national and international contexts.

At the turn of 21st century the transformation of media landscape became obvious. Global tendencies, such as availability of new technologies, significant changes in audience behavior and media consumption, global reinterpretation of journalism principles, construction of new norms and practices make us face a number of questions. One of them is about the role and functions of journalists today. Searching for an answer, media scholars apply to theoretical and practical experience of their colleagues, trying to provide a multi-facet answer to this indisputably broad question. That is why one of main tasks of NAMMI is providing an overview of media studies in Russia and representing a broad perspective of what is being researched, on both federal and regional levels.

Another challenge that we are facing now is defining, what is Russian school of journalism. Traditionally we can speak of Moscow school of journalism, St-Petersburg school of journalism, but when it comes to more general issue, Russian school of journalism and media communication, one can hardly define what it is. Russia is definitely different from Europe and the USA in terms of media education, journalists’ orientations, historical past, business models and other aspects. Still, characteristics of Russian school of journalism, its goals, traditions, mission and perspectives remain very blur. We hope that NAMMI, establishing networks and closer collaboration between Russian scholars, will help us get a better understanding of this matter.

Last but not least is integration of Russian media and communication studies into global research context. Today only few of Russian scholars are well-known abroad, and a limited number of monographs and articles published by Russian researchers are regularly cited in foreign academic journals. NAMMI is expected to develop links between Russian and foreign researchers, national and international organizations, also with the help of NAMMI’s International Council, and foster the integration of Russian school of journalism into global media landscape.

NAMMI communicates within the association and with others interested in media and journalism through various channels. The association holds annual conference in which scholars from Russia and other countries present their original research works at plenary and thematic sessions. NAMMI is affiliated with World of Media yearbook, which represents an annual review of media and journalism in Russia. Since 2011 NAMMI’s members have been jointly working on a project “Map of Russian Media Studies”. The main aim of this project is to systematize theoretical experience of Russian universities, research institutes and laboratories studying media and communications.

Feel free to explore the electronic world of NAMMI. If you have any queries or suggestions, please, do not hesitate to contact our board or other members of association. If you would like to contact me personally, you can send an email at


Thank you for your interest in NAMMI.

Best regards,

Elena Vartanova, President,

Lomonosov Moscow State University