World of Media

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World of Media
NAMMI is pleased to present its academic journal in the English language – World of Media-2017. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies
The World of Media has been published since 2009. It represents an annual review of original research in the field of media and journalism studies conducted by authors from diverse cities and institutions.  
World of Media is published in the English language. Editor-in-chief is NAMMI’s President, Professor Elena Vartanova.

The new volume includes the following parts:



Subject competence in journalism: issues of responsibility and ways to tackle them 

Tatiana Frolova 


Conceptual evolution of the digital divide: a systematic review of the literature over a period of five years (2010 – 2015) 

Bhanu Bhakta Acharya 

Buying a gun not to use it? A study of the change in Czech media ownership and its political instrumentalisation 

Jan Krecek 

Transformations in the Bulgarian media system: tendencies and challenges 

Lilia Raycheva

Christian media in Russia in the age of “networkization” 

Victor Khroul 

Communicating in the absence of mobile telephone network during the state of emergency in Borno state, Nigeria 

Joseph Wilson, Nuhu Gapsiso

Women in the Tanzanian media: a critical analysis 

Eno Akpabio  

Ethical education at Western schools of journalism 

Irma Kumylganova 

Violations of the journalist ethics: professional negligence or a pattern?

Iosif Dzyaloshinsky, Marina Dzyaloshinskaya 

The influence of citizen journalism on the Internet media sector: demarcation between online media and other network resources 

Elena Kalugina 

Freedom of expression and safety of journalists in the digital age 

Abigail Odozi Ogwezzy-Ndisika, Shaibu, Hassan Husseini 


Media criticism as a form of literary journalism: updating theoretical approaches to a meta-genre 

Alla Teplyashina, Natalia Pavlushkina  


“Magazines “Rabotnitsa” and “Krestjanka” dealing with women’s question in the USSR in 1920-1930s: model of propaganda support to social reforms”: review of the monograph by O.D. Minajeva 

Alexander Grabelnikov 


The Eighth international ‘Moscow Readings’ conference “Mass Media and Communications-2016” 

Anna Gladkova 

The journal is aimed at promoting the development of Russian media and journalism studies in both national and global contexts, and stimulating a wider public interest in the journalism theories, methods, findings and applications generated by research in communication and allied fields.
This journal seeks to publish original research articles of the highest standard in the fields of:
·       Media and journalism studies
·       Communication theories
·       Intercultural communication
·       International communication
·       New media
·       Media regulation
·       Media sociology
·       Media psychology
·       Regional studies
·       PR and advertising
·       History of journalism                                                      
·       Media stylistics
·       TV and radio journalism
·       Business journalism
While the manuscript is open to all methodological approaches, all submissions are expected to be theoretically grounded.
Submission Information
The editors of World of Media are now inviting submissions.
Submitted papers should be no longer than 5 000 words, accompanied by a short abstract, up to 200 words, and contain normally 5-7 key words. The title page should include the title of the paper, the name of the author(s), full title and the affiliation of the author(s) (full name of the institution and department, city, country, e-mail address). Abstract, key words, title and information about the author should be written in English and Russian. The text of the article should be written in English.
The manuscript should be typed in 1,5-spacing on one side of the paper only, using Times New Roman 14 font. Margins are 2 cm on all sides. Tables and figures (illustrations) should be embedded into the text.
After the article is accepted for publication, the author receives an editor’s confirmation, and then page proofs. The author reads page proofs to correct errors and answer the editor’s questions.
The publication is free of charge.
All authors should submit their papers electronically. The papers (.doc) should be sent to the e-mail address
Peer Review
World of Media supports a strict policy of publishing only peer-reviewed articles. Each article will be subject to anonymous refereeing by at least two referees. The review period usually takes 1-2 months. Reviews are sent to authors by email.
If you have any queries, please, contact the editors at

The submission for World of Media-2017 is over. You are welcome to send your submission for the next volume of World of Media.  
The submission deadline for World of Media-2018 is September 15, 2017. 

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